Steam Master Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  Our roots go back to the horse and buggy days of our parent company, The American Rug Cleaning Company of Los Angeles.  Rugs were family treasures back then and the horse and buggy would make the rounds picking up dirty rugs and dropping off clean ones.  The business was passed down through the family until it came to Orange County and incorporated as Steam Master Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Inc.

With over 30 years experience in the Newport Beach area, Steam Master has become a trusted name in the industry.  Our outstanding technicians have been long time employees with our company and have become experts at what they do.  Our goal is quality workmanship whether we are cleaning your carpets, area rugs, furniture or cars.  Many times we can “restore” your carpet when you thought it was time to throw it away.  However, if your carpet is not cleanable, we can help you with that as well.  We have carpet in stock that is available immediately for installation as well as a showroom at our location with new carpet samples and the latest floor covering options.

We have established relationships over the years with many long time customers.  We are confident that if you try our services once you will be a customer for life.

Steam Master Inc.

We have established relationships over the years with many long-time customers. We are confident that, if you try our services once, you will be a customer for life.

We are a family owned Steam Cleaning Company in the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area. We serve all of Orange County. Many of our customers have been with us since we opened in the ’50′s. Our simple goal is to be dependable and leave you with clean, fresh carpets, area rugs and upholstery!

We do this by maintaining a small fleet of vans that are equipped with state of the art steam cleaning units. We take pride in offering the highest quality cleaning at fair prices without tricks or gimmicks.

Browse our site to find out more about the services we offer and please feel free to call and talk with us about any questions you might have.

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Steam Master –Where Experience Counts

There are carpet cleaners and then there is Steam Master. With the prevalence of carpet cleaners out there without established reputations or standing, there is something to be said about experience, professionally trained technicians, and a brick and mortar facility with a fully employed staff.

Challenging jobs are welcomed at Steam Master. Greg explained, “A customer recently brought in linen slip covers that had water rings as a result of becoming saturated by rain. We worked on them several times and were able to save them for her, and we recently got a coffee spot out of an early 1900’s cotton chair.” There was also that stubborn Orange Crush stain. A customer had brought in a Persian rug that had been cleaned by another company who had been unsuccessful at removing the Orange Crush soda spill. “I asked him to give me a week to work on it and I’d see what I could do. When he came back to pick it up I rolled it out and we couldn’t find which corner had the Orange Crush spill, said Greg. “People come in with their problems and are looking for advice and remedy or solution. The best part of my job is making people happy by saving something that is valuable or special to them.” Continue Rug Cleaning Article Here…

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