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By Susan Hoffman

There are carpet cleaners and then there is Steam Master. With the prevalence of carpet cleaners out there without established reputations or standing, there is something to be said about experience, professionally trained technicians, and a brick and mortar facility with a fully employed staff.


Steam Master has been established for over 30 years and remains a family owned and operated business in the city of Costa Mesa. Owners, Greg and Renee Rozunko believe it is the fly- by- night carpet cleaners who give carpet cleaners a bad name. “It’s really easy to call yourself a carpet cleaner, stick a [sign] magnet on a truck, pick up a machine, and have a cell phone,” said Renee. “We have experience, and our staff is responsibly trained making us more solid in an industry that tends not to be. And we always answer our phone.” It should be noted, that it takes a little more than empty promises, a cell phone and a truck to succeed, plus do you really want these people in your home?

According to Renee, “what makes Steam Master stand out is the fact that we have been here for so long, we know our customers by name, and they know us, we have a long history, we’re not part of a franchise, and some of our crew has been here for over 20 years.” Greg added, “of course our staff is 90% of the success of the business because they know the quality of the work we need to produce to make our customers happy.”

What also makes Steam Master unique is that they have their our own in house plant on the premises rather than ship out the work to a third party location. In fact they are the ones who often do work for other businesses. With the trend toward hard surface flooring In lieu of wall- to- wall carpet, the area rug business has soared. Renee explained, “We can provide more time and attention and better control when rugs and upholstery pieces are brought into our store. There is a dry room on location and more tools at our disposal.”

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Challenging jobs are welcomed at Steam Master. Greg explained, “A customer recently brought in linen slip covers that had water rings as a result of becoming saturated by rain. We worked on them several times and were able to save them for her, and we recently got a coffee spot out of an early 1900’s cotton chair.” There was also that stubborn Orange Crush stain. A customer had brought in a Persian rug that had been cleaned by another company who had been unsuccessful at removing the Orange Crush soda spill. “I asked him to give me a week to work on it and I’d see what I could do. When he came back to pick it up I rolled it out and we couldn’t find which corner had the Orange Crush spill, said Greg. “People come in with their problems and are looking for advice and remedy or solution. The best part of my job is making people happy by saving something that is valuable or special to them.”

Most of their customer base comes from Newport Beach and Costa Mesa as well as surrounding areas. “Homes in this area are really nice and people are picky about who you let in the house,” stated Renee.

“I’m amazed how many details we know about our customers, for instance, when we go to the O’Connor’s home, we know the gate code and to coordinate the job with Rosie the housekeeper.” Renee mentioned that they once had picked up some rugs at the Western white House that had some smoke damage from a fire. Renee oversees the general background end of the business, which includes accounting and marketing operations while Greg, is the front person. He schedules and runs three to five crews of technicians and greets customers on the floor.

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