Upholstery Cleaning

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From the comfy couch to your delicate antiques, your upholstery will get the VIP treatment in Steam Master’s onsite upholstery cleaning plant.

You rest in your recliners, snuggle on your sofas and spill food on your dining room chairs. Your upholstery can act like a sponge for dirt and bacteria.  Our upholstery-cleaning technicians have over 20 years of cleaning experience and have encountered almost every challenging job there is.  Every piece of upholstery is carefully hand-cleaned. We will spend as much time and attention as is needed to make sure your furniture comes back to you looking, feeling and smelling fresh and inviting.

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  • Indoor Furniture
  • Patio Furniture
  • Boat Cushions
  • Leather Furniture

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FAQ’s for Upholstery Cleaning

What information do you need to give me an estimate?

We would be happy to give you an estimate for your cleaning over the phone! Just tell us about the size, fabric and condition and what your concerns are.

How often do manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?

Manufacturers recommend having upholstered furniture professionally cleaned every 12-24 months. 

Is it best to clean at my home or at your plant?

This depends on several factors but the majority of the time it is much better to have your upholstery cleaned at our plant.  The advantage is that we can take as much time as we need to.  Upholstery cleaning can be time consuming when done correctly.  We may need to test your fabric or place it in our dry room. Often, we will clean upholstery multiple times so we can be as gentle yet as thorough as possible.  Also, it is not recommended to clean furniture that is on a wood floor.

Can you pick up and deliver my furniture?

Yes. We have a delivery truck that can pick up your furniture.  After it is clean and dry we will deliver it back to your home.

What method do you use to clean my furniture?

All fabrics are cleaned using different processes for different types of soil or fabric.  All processes do included a rinsing process.

If the tag on my furniture recommends dry cleaning, can you clean it?

Yes.  That tag is required as the “Manufacturers’ Liability Code.” We will test your fabric to make sure it is safe and to determine which cleaning method is the best. Even though dry cleaning is recommended it may not be the most effective method for removing all the soil.

Can I Spot Clean My Own Upholstery? What Do The Cleaning Codes Mean?

The furniture industry has created a code for its care tags so you can quickly know how to clean upholstery when a spill occurs

Here is a guide to the codes:

W: Clean the upholstery fabric with water- based detergent.

S: Clean the upholstery fabric with a water free product, such as dry cleaning solvent.

WS: You may clean the upholstery fabric with either water based cleaner or a water free cleaner, depending on the type of stain

X: This upholstery fabric must be professionally cleaned. You should only vacuum and brush it — never use any type of upholstery cleaner on it yourself.

Can you treat pet odor?

Yes. Sometimes cats and dogs have accidents and while we can’t guarantee

100% removal every time, there is a lot we can do to restore the freshness to your upholstery.

Can you apply some kind of protection to guard against future spills?

Yes. The soils that accumulate on your furniture over time, along with daily use causes the protective coating that came on your furniture to wear off.  It is a good idea to apply fabric protector after it is your furniture is cleaned.  This will help to repel future spills and prevent them from becoming stains.

How much will it cost?

The basic pricing can be found on our pricing page.  There are additional charges for odor problems, and certain delicate and temperamental fabrics.

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