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How much does it cost to professionally steam clean an area rug?I just got an estimate to professionally steam clean a 9 * 12 turkish area rug – the estimate was for $440 which seemed high to me, but I have no reference point – is this a reasonable price? I am located in New York City – Thanks!

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess that $440 is NOT high … First, it’s an Oriental … Second, you are in NYC.And … It’s a big rug!Oriental rugs need to be handled with the utmost care. I would call around to several places for price quotes. I don’t actually have a point of reference, either … But I’m betting that (in your area, at least) you’ll find that the price you were given is well within ballpark range.air-dusting2Did you buy the rug new? If so, call the retailer and ask for a recommendation. You may be able to get a break on the price for a “referral” from the rug seller.If you bought the rug secondhand (or bought it mass-market … Or don’t know where the rug originally came from) … You’re probably stuck paying top buck, but BE SURE to get the estimate in writing before you have any work done on the rug!

I just had my carpets cleaned. The price?I have a pretty small house. I had the entire house carpets cleaned, (four rooms + hall) along with two area rugs and two loveseats. The guy was here about 2 hours. He charged me $240. I thought that was too much, but I paid him anyway. Did he overcharge me?

I think it’s a good price. In the future, if you want to save a little money, rent a Rug Doctor from your local grocery store. Kroger (where I live) has them for $24 for one day and the carpet shampoo you put in it is $9. That covers rental for a 24 hr period of time and when we did it, it worked just well as a professional cleaning would have been (for a LOT cheaper).

What is the cost to have two area rugs (6′ by 3′) cleaned?I just received two area rugs that are 6ft by 3ft for free through and the previous owner had big dogs. I don’t think beating the rugs will make the smell disappear, so I’d like to get them cleaned. Since I didn’t pay for them, I don’t mind spending the money to have them cleaned. I just want to know a ball park price range, so I know what to expect.

A carpet cleaning company may charge in the upwards range of $75 just for a minimal fee (I used to work for one). Save yourself the money and get some over the counter carpet clean up stuff meant for cleaning up after pets then go over it with a carpet cleaner. I spot clean my carpets for cat puke (quite often) with a carpet cleaning spray meant for pets, leave it on for only about 2 mintues (longer will bleach your carpet) then go over it with a vaccum several times.Also, go on search engines and put in terms related to natural or harmless carpet cleaning solutions like baking soda, vinegar, cola, fabric softener, etc…Overuse of over the counter cleaning chemicals (even for pet stains) will bleach your carpeting if it’s left on for too long….I speak from experience.
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