Area Rug Cleaning in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach

Area Rug Cleaning in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach

We treat your area rug like it’s a family treasure, even if it isn’t. When we clean your rug at our plant, we have plenty of time and resources to do the very best job. All rugs are hand cleaned using our gentle methods to lift away stains and dirt. We may clean your rug several times using the sun and flood washing, hanging them to dry in the fresh air.

Bring you rugs to our store or call to schedule a pick up or delivery.

What We Do

  1. Thorough Inspection
  2. Dye Testing
  3. Dusting
  4. Washing
  5. Grooming
  6. Drying

What You can Do to Preserve Your Rug’s Beauty

  • Vacuum Frequently – Remember that soil and dust particles are acting like tiny razor blades sawing away at the fibers of your rug when you walk on it. Try to vacuum often, in all directions and avoid the fringes.
  • Rotate Your Rug – It is important to rotate your rug to avoid continually walking over the same spots and although sun fade is something you want to try to avoid altogether you can slow it down to some degree by rotation.
  • Rules for Rug Storage – If you need to store your rug you should have it cleaned first. Then the rug should be wrapped in a breathable, archival type paper – never plastic – for storage. The practice of rolling up a dirty rug and placing it in a garage or some other dark spot is an invitation to moths. They love dirty wool in dark places.
  • The Truth about Rugs and Dogs – Most of the damage we see to rugs comes from pets There is a very short window period in which to address urine on a rug. Call us right away if you have a pet problem so we can have the best chance of restoring your rug.

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