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Why you need to buy a rug

So, why buy a rug. Well there are many reasons why you should want to choose one and no matter how little you have to spend you should be able to pick something up from a store or carpet dealer and the variety is staggering although you will be limited with less expensive rugs.

So let’s look at some of the reasons you may want a rug on your floor. Well my number one reason for using rugs is to hide the wear and tear that carpets get with everyday use. Just think about it, when you walk across a room you usually take the same path and this helps to wear out a carpet or leaves it dirtier than the surrounding carpet and cleaning all the carpet only highlights what bits of it were dirty in the first place, well at least I think so.

You may also have a damaged carpet or one that is likely to get damaged. The favorite here is log fires which are always spitting out hot embers. A rug in front of the fire helps protect it. Eventually you will have to throw out the rug but buying a new rug is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a new carpet.

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One of the other reasons you may want a rug is to highlight a wooden floor. Having a wood covered floor is great but a rug can accentuate the wood and draws the eye to the floor so people can really see what your floor looks like. Another reason why you may want a rug on this type of floor is to cut down noise which a rug is great for.

A rug can also be a focal point in a room drawing the eye to the rug and making a statement about you or your tastes. On the other hand a tasteless rug can also make a statement about you and your fashion sense so always be careful when choosing a rug as a rug can often say a lot more about you than you may like.

A couple of other reasons for using a rug are its something great in an entrance to your house or apartment. Why, well rugs help to clean dirt off shoes and most rugs can be easily cleaned whereas cleaning a carpet is often much more difficult. Rugs are cheaper to replace as well.

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Cost can be another factor in choosing to buy rugs especially if you are renting somewhere. Why pay to cover a whole floor with a fitted carpet which is not easy to take with you. Rugs can easily be taken with you when you move. Another point is that you will have chosen your rug to match your furniture so when you move to somewhere new your rug still matches your furniture.

Whatever the reason for wanting a rug, make your choice carefully and your rug will last a long time.

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Bathroom rugs bring out the beauty

With so many different types of bathroom rugs to choose from, you can alter the look of your bathroom with a simple purchase. Before making your purchase, first you must decide what size of rug you would like, what color you would like, and what textures you would like. You can choose a small rug to place in front of the toilet or tub/shower, or one to cover the entire floor area.

Once you have established the size of your rug, you can start to think about what color to purchase. You can choose colors that will match with your paint scheme, colors that are light or bright to make the room look bigger, or just simply a color that you like. Be aware that darker colors, although they don’t show as much dirt or wear, may make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

So after you’ve established size and color, you can choose from many different materials and types of rugs. Anything from short shag to braided materials will be available to you. Most rugs designed to go in the bathroom are lined on the bottom with a rubber like material. This keeps the rug from slipping out of place, an important safety feature.

A bathroom rug is not only decorative, but functional when stepping out of the shower or tub. Stepping out of a shower or tub with wet feet is not only dangerous and exposes you to the chances of slipping or falling, but eventually the water can damage the flooring in the bathroom. Please keep in mind when choosing a rug that you may be stepping on it with wet feet and it may receive substantial amounts of water depending on where the rug is placed.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to redecorate your bathroom, changing the rug is a great move. And if you tire easily of the looks of your bathroom, changing a bathroom rug occasionally is an inexpensive way to keep the room looking sharp and fresh.

For example, if you wish, you could change the color of the rug with the change of seasons—lighter colors during the spring and summer months and warmer, dark colors during fall and winter, or you can place a decorative rug in the bathroom to celebrate the holidays. Whatever your choice, the simple change of a bathroom rug can put a new look into your bathroom.

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