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Questions and Answers

Who does organic, zero rez carpet cleaning in orange county ca?

Posted by POOH
stream master carpet cleaner
949/232-7776. They did an AMAZING job on my couch and carpet, left it renewed, fluffy and feeling silky soft and I got a $25 gift certificate.

Anyone have a suggestion of a reputable and affordable carpet cleaning service in Orange County, CA??I need to get my carpets professionally cleaned and would also like to have a couple of upholstered chairs cleaned. Any suggestions on a reputable and affordable service in Orange County, CA? Thanks in advance!!!!

area rug cleaning cost

Posted by baroness
I have a suggestion for you. I have spent a lot of money on carpet cleaning and had some very poor results. Carpets saturated and left with a lot of soap in them. Then the carpets get dirtier then ever when they dry because the soap attracts and holds the dirt. Finally I went and bought a Bissel Pro heat 2X.
Cost $199 at Sam’s club which is the same as Costco if you have one in your community. I knew there was plenty of leftover soap in my carpet, so I used no soap, just filled with hot water and went back and forth very slowly. It was amazing how clean my carpets came out and the left over soap that came out. The carpet cleaner paid for itself in one cleaning and will have it for years. Also has upholster cleaning attachments. Several friends have went out and bought one since seeing the job mine did and agree they will never hire it done again. Just remember even if your not putting soap in the soap dispenser it still needs to be full of clear water for the sprayer to work. The brushes and suction on this cleaner are fabulous and leave your carpets
just barely damp. Drys in no time, I put a fan in the room to hurry it along. There had been so much leftover soap from previous cleanings of my carpet by pro’s that I went over the carpet twice till no more soap was coming out. Carpet looks as good as new.

Can the Mgmt Co (Orange County/S. Calif)of my previous apt. Use part of my deposit to paint & clean carpet?

Posted by ROSIE

No, they can not charge you for paint and carpet clean if you live there at least a year by law unless you left the apartment in a horrible condition , but there are many mgnt co. Will do that anyway, You need to call and threaten take them to court. Painting and cleaning the carpet is a normal wear and tear. The reason they are doing this because they know most of the tenants will let it go, this is a total rip-off. The deposit is mainly for not having the apartment the same way you just move -in, not for re-painting and cleaning the carpet for the next tenant. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS. I was in the same sittuation last year, the mgmt co. Refuse to return my deposit to me, and after a about 10 phone call and threaten to take them to small claim court, they did return my full deposit.

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Steam Master Carpet Cleaning
1710 Santa Ana Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-1313

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