Best Way to Clean a Carpet

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Questions and Answers

Carpet cleaning tips?I heard that using engine degreaser and a very strong detergent will clean your carpets really well and make them come back to the fluffiness.. But i cant remember were i found the website… Can anyone help?????

I just looked this up.. I’ve never heard of using engine degreaser but apparently its a thing.. If you do it I highly recommend using a lot of ventilation and going with the smallest amount possible. Keep in mind that the ‘real’ carpet soap is expensive because normal soap will attract dirt after you’ve cleaned the carpet and the special soap won’t. If you use the degreaser I would at very least run the steam vac over the area again with just hot water to rinse it.

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What I use at work to clean the really bad areas is carpet cleaner soap plus oxyclean. I’d try that first if I were you.

Good luck!

Carpet Cleaning help!!? I m going to clean my carpet tomorrow with a rug doctor. Is it REALLY necessary to use a ‘stain guard’ on my carpet after ive cleaned it. Or is this just a money making product for the company??

Carpet cleaning with a rug doctor machine is not going to be very effective. Here’s why. Generally, the rug doctor machine has a great pump for putting chemicals and water into the carpet. But when it comes to the motor for removing and sucking out the water its generally too weak to remove all the moisture from carpet. Thus leaving your carpets wet and damp for hours if not days. Having your carpets that wet can lead to mold and bad indoor air quality. Also, as you cannot remove all the moisture you also leave tons of residue shampoo inside the carpets resulting in the carpets re soiling more quickly.
My recommendation is to go on-line and check out a local janitorial supply store. Ask them for a commercial ‘portable’ carpet extractor. He’ll also outfit you with the proper chemicals. A commercial carpet extractors aren’t that much bigger then a rug doctor, but there is a larger and more powerful motor inside the machine which you can use to extract all the moisture out quickly. If you get the chance, also rent from him an air mover or blower, this will help with the drying process.
Carpet cleaning tips?We live in a rented apartment, so we do our best to keep our very light colored carpet clean. We have two cats, so needless to say I’m used to having to do the odd spot cleaning (i use Simple green) and about once a year or so I use a steam vac throughout the whole place.
I’ve noticed there’s this one stain, fairly large in size, that seems to disappear after I do the steam cleaning and slowly (within a month if not a little more) starts to reappear, I’ve tried scrubbing it over and over…nothing
Any suggestions?
By the way, the stain is like a dark grey I can’t tell what is it though..and my carpet is a light beige type color.
Thank you in advance.

Something was probably spilled on your carpet and it seeped down into the padding. So, whenever you shampoo or spot clean the stain, you’re just getting the surface of it clean. The rest of the stain underneath the carpet is re-surfacing back. Plus, make sure that it’s completely 100% dry b4 you walk back over it after you’ve cleaned it. Walking over it can make the wet carpet stick to the padding and the stain will surface back. So, the only option to really get rid of the stain is to replace the padding.

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