Best Way to Clean Carpet Yourself

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Questions and Answers

What is the best do it yourself carpet cleaner?I am looking to spend no more than 250.00, thank you.

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This is the best one I have ever found “Bissell® ProHeat® 2X™ CleanShot™ Deep Cleaner” you can find it at Walmart for about $270. I know you said no more than 250 but it is really worth it. It also has an onboard drying system so the carpets dry faster. You can look it up on a search engine & read about it.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaning getting carpet clean tomorrow?I’m getting my carpet cleaned tomorrow for the first time, ok how long does it usually take ? Is it a all day thing? And do the carpet company ususally keep the front door open why they are cleaning the carpet.

Sorry, I can’t help you with your specific questions, but I can make a recommendation: My stepdaughter owns a steam cleaner, a consumer type bought at Wal-Mart or someplace like that. I just used it a few days ago, and it did an awesome job, even on some really soiled, heavy traffic areas. I know you’ve got the pros coming tomorrow, so keep that appointment, but if you need to clean carpets frequently, check into buying one of these yourself, or don’t hesitate to borrow a friend’s. I’ve used a couple of different models she’s owned, and they’re EASY to use. Way better than renting one of those things from the supermarket, too.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaning

I didn’t have much carpet area to do (less than 300 square feet), and with shifting furniture around, vacuuming first, then doing the steam cleaning, I was working on it…about an hour and a half? Then, because it was hot and humid, I had all doors and windows closed, AC on, and aimed a couple of fans at the wet areas. It was dry by evening.

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Good luck!

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