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Questions and Answers

How Do I Get Rid of Carpet Odor?My adolescent son’s carpet is stinky. Truly smelly. The carpet was there when I married my husband, and so is probably about twenty years old. I would say just rip it out but it LOOKS really, really good.

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The flooring beneath it is slab concrete. It has a musty/high odor, and sometimes actually wafts down the hall to the living room. I have shampooed the carpet numerous times, twice I have used full strength Febreeze in the shamp;ooer tanks…..this works great. For a few days. Right now we cannot afford new carpet, and this is just maddening. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Keep shampooing it like you have been (2x/wk) and air it out – keep the windows open as much as possible for ventilation – fresh air it totally under-rated. Also get a dehumidifier to use after you shampoo the carpet. They also have an odor remover liquid to add into the shampoo machine – it works pretty well. If it is just unbearable rip it out then paint and seal the his concrete floor.. You can make it look really cool… Get him an area rug from a discount place if you dont like the bare concrete idea.

Best way to eliminate pet odors from carpet?I am looking to do a thorough cleaning of the interior of my home, as all of the carpets have seemed to have been soiled with puppy urine. There are plenty of methods and products out there but I am wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue before and had success with a certain product or method? Also, any ideas how to keep the previously affected areas clean (how to deterr the animals from relieving themselves there in the future?) thanks.

I have a local company that cleans smoke, water, and pet damage. What we do to for spot pet urine problems is 1) pull up the edges of the carpet after removing all of the furniture. 2) Roll up the carpet and take it outside, turn it upside down on the concrete drive way so that we can locate all of the pee spots. 3) Apply enzymes to the pee spots from underneath and on top. 4) Let the sun’s UV beat on the pee for a few hours. In the mean time, we go in and rip out all the foam under the carpet. Clean the pee spots in cement with enzymes. We then put the carpet in the garage and perform an ozone shock treatment while the foam is being laid. It’s not wise to shock a room with foam/carpet for more than 1 hr because the ozone will break down the foam and create an “ozone-chemical” smell that will last for days, even a week. Anyway, once the foam is laid, the carpet is enzymed and ozonated, (we do a steam clean of the carpet in the garage with a non-chemical additive, special type of water that leaves no residue in the carpet, then put the carpet back and nail it back down.

We perform most of these types of operation on apts and restoration jobs when someone buys a bank owned property and is fixing it up without replacing the carpet, if the carpet in pace is of high quality ($15-$25 a yard) and is fairly new, with pet stains or smokers damage.

You might be able to get the job done with only enzymes but we’ve found only one type works, don’t remember the brand name however plus don’t want to plug any product, it’s one of the types sold in Petco that comes with a money back guarantee. Keep the receipt in case it doesn’t work, they sell 3-4 types, only 1 works, all is guaranteed to work. However, enzymes won’t remove 100%, if you put your nose to the carpet, you’ll still smell pee, but it won’t be enough to fill the air.

How to remove pet odor in carpet?I am renting a house that needs some work. The landlord would not rent it out unless my boyfriend and I decided we wanted it. In exchange for some rent money we are fixing the place up for him, as the last tenants destroyed it. When I went back for the second time, I realized just how bad the urine smell was in the front living room. It’s almost as if a dog has just lived in this room, defecating all through the carpet. It had me gagging even with the windows open.

Long story short, we are going to try to use a rug doctor and the pet urine detergent they have for the machine. If I use this several times over will it rid of most of the smell? I would love to rip the carpet up but I am not sure how much money my landlord would want to put into this. Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks
Like i said, I cannot rip up the carpet. So anything else to clean it will help.

Pet urine is in the pad. You can not remove it with a Rug Dr. It will spread it and make it worse. I am a carpet cleaner and the last week has been super busy. I have done over 10 pet urine jobs.
First I soak the stain with 2-3 quarts of enzymatic cleaner Http://…
Then I extract it with a truck mount carpet extractor that has about 10x the force of a Rug Dr. And use a sub-surface attachment to pull from the pad Http://
Then I rinse with 2x as much water, 4-6 quarts.
Then I extract with the water claw again. I pull out 95% of the moisture in the carpet and pad. This is the only way.
I finish with a odor counteractant. Odoban Http://

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