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Waves ripples are great if you’re at the beach, but waves and ripples in your carpet means it is time to look into carpet repair. Steam Master Carpet Cleaners has been cleaning carpet in the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa area for several generations but that is not the extent of their services. “Carpet repair has always been a part of our carpet cleaning business.” says Greg Rozunko, owner of Steam Master. “Often times we will clean a customer’s carpet and have it looking great but the carpet has waves and ripples in it. After it is clean we can help out with the carpet repair as well. We have a full time carpet installer who can power stretch the carpet, trim the edges and get the carpet looking like new again.”

There are other types of carpet repair that Steam Master can take care of as well. Patching an area of carpet is a good solution if the carpet has been burned, damaged by bleach or if there is a permanent stain. This involves cutting the damaged piece of carpet out and replacing it with a piece that can be taken from leftover remnants or out of a closet.

Sometimes carpet can come loose from the tack strip. That can be dangerous as the tiny nails are exposed. Our technicians will make sure that the carpet is re­tacked and secure so that your carpet is soft and safe.

Another type of carpet repair, that we do quite often, is fixing a seam that has come apart. This involves making sure the seam is cut straight and re-gluing both sides together.

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Even though it isn’t actually repairing the carpet, many of our carpet repair calls are to address the padding that is underneath the carpet. Carpet padding is very spongy and absorbent. For this reason, it needs to be removed and replaced when there is water damage or when there is pet urine issues. To get rid of the pet urine odor, the pad must be removed and replaced and the carpeting must be cleaned and treated on the front and back sides. Many companies try to cut corners by only cleaning the carpet. This is ineffective, however, because the steam cleaning doesn’t go past the carpet backing and the urine will get pushed back through to the carpet once it is walked on.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaners wants to leave your house with the carpet looking as close to new as possible. Over the years, we have found that it is a natural fit to incorporate carpet repair with our carpet cleaning service. Many of our customers have told us that they wish they had known about this service a long time ago. So, for any type of carpet repair work that needs to be done, Steam Master Carpet Cleaners is available to help make your carpet look as good as it possibly can!

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