Cleaning Tips: Fall Season Brings New House Cleaning Challenges

Many people use the changing of the seasons as a reason to launch a major house-cleaning that go beyond the basics of dusting and vacuuming. Each new season creates its own sets of cleaning problems, which will be discussed below. Here are few Fall area rug cleaning tips to follow now that the new season upon us.

One of the major challenges of the Fall season are the leaves and other foliage that can be easily tracked into a home. In addition to regularly sweeping outside of all entryways, be sure to place “welcome” mats at each point of entry that can be used to remove any foliage that have clung to shoes. That and regular sweeping will drastically reduce the amount of dirt and leaves that are tracked into your home. One final tip for outside cleaning—be sure any nearby windows are closed when sweeping/raking because the dust that will be kicked up can easily make its way inside. Think about turning on a fan or air conditioner inside for increased circulation.

You will also want to consistently vacuum your home, because no matter what steps you take to eliminate it, dirt and foliage are going to find their way inside your home. Concentrate on the heavy traffic areas at least every other day and vacuum your entire home at least once a week.

It is also a good idea to keep all your cleaning products supplied and easy to access. Many professional house-cleaners will tell you that one key to success is they keep their products in the areas they will be used. If your bathroom cleaning supplies are in the garage or under the kitchen sink, it makes it less likely that you will immediately act when you see there is cleaning that needs to be done.

Finally, to get your house ready for the Fall season, think about bringing in a professional service for a deep cleaning. There are plenty of areas in a home that trap dirt and are easily overlooked. A deep-cleaning by a professional service will ensure this dirt is not trapped in your home throughout the winter, which could lead to a host of negative consequences including poor air quality and the overall decline in the appearance of your home. Visit and read more about our Steam Master Carpet Cleaning services.

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