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Dry Clean Rug Cleaning Service

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Dry Clean Rug Cleaning Service

Questions and Answers

Where to dry clean wedding dress?Hi everyone. I have my wedding dress from europe and I got it dirty after my wedding. It needs to be cleaned or washed. Where is the best and safest dry cleaning place to do it? And how much it would cost me? ( I live in Everett,WA) …please help me ladies with the good dry cleaning place! Thank you all 🙂

Wetmore Dry Cleaners
(425) 512-0259
1901 Wetmore Ave, #B, Everett, WA 98201
Products and Services: pillow stuffing, blanket cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, leather repair, rug cleaning. Please call for more information or any any questions., wedding dress preservation, pillow cleaning, Dry cleaning, laundry, and alterations, leather cleaning.

Got a stain on my rug from bought this area rug from Its pretty neat, but i got a stain on it. Any advice?

Sorry to hear about your stain..
To bad you did not mention what kind of a stain it is / what caused this stain. This way I would have been able to help you out a little more..However, I still had a copy of my old web site page, explaining how you can remove some stains.
I would suggest to have it cleaned by a professional area rug cleaner, as they can get a lot more done the you can at home.
Do not use over-the-counter chemicals, as those can absolutely damage your area rug, resulting in the need of a much more expensive rug repair service.Hope the article helped you out a little ;o)————————-
Removing Stains:
Many rugs are treated to be stain resistant which delays the stain setting in, giving you a chance to act. The key is to treat the stain or spill quickly before it is absorbed by the rug and dries. Basic cleaning steps for typical everyday stains:
1. Scoop up as much of the spill as possible
2. Absorb as much of the liquid that’s left with a dry cloth/paper towel by blotting.
3. Apply warm water to the stain then blot again If the stain remains visible, mix warm water with a mild non-bleach laundry detergent.
Using a clean cloth apply some of the mixture to the stain and let it soak for 5 minutes.
Rinse the stain with warm water and blot it well to extract the residue. Repeat until there is no detergent on the rug. When satisfied and the rug is completely dry, vacuum the area.Specific Stains:
Since different stains require different cleaning treatments, it is important to identify the source and nature of the stain. Below is a list of common stains and how they are best removed.— Stain – Cleaning Treatment —-Alcohol – Warm water & detergentAsphalt – Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergentBlood – Warm water & detergentButter – Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent

Chewing gum – Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, warm water & detergent

Most Makeup – Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent

Shoe Polish – Dry cleaning solvent then warm water & detergent

Urine – Warm water & detergent then white vinegar & water (1:3)

Vomit – Warm water & detergent then dry cleaning solvent

Wax – Freeze using ice, shatter gum, vacuum, dry cleaning solvent then water & detergent.

Where should I go to get my throw rug cleaned?I have a 4×6 or a 3×5 (not sure) woven throw rug from Crate and Barrel, where should I go to get it cleaned? The dry cleaners or do I have to bring it to a rug cleaning place?

Depending on where your live your dry cleaner may have a pick-up/drop off service… If the rugs are small enough which they seem to be you may be better off renting a steam cleaner from the grocery store or drug store and doing it yourself. I’m in Ohio and I can rent a steam cleaner (rug doctor), for $16 and buy the solution.. Which will last for many more cleanings…. Good luck.

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Steam Master Carpet Cleaning
1710 Santa Ana Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-1313


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