How companies price carpet cleaning jobs

Because every home is a different size and can contain several types of carpets with different types of issues, there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for carpet cleaning prices. There are, however, two common ways companies determine cost.
Professional carpet cleaning companies in Orange County California, may charge per room, meaning they offer a flat cleaning rate for each room in a home. This method typically includes a size cap. Companies often charge double for one large room if it measures over the maximum square footage. Most companies also typically charge extra for moving furniture. Customers can move couches, entertainment centers and other large objects to keep costs down.

Angie’s List members who received carpet cleaning services in Orange County California report paying $25 to $75 per room for carpet cleaning, with the cost varying depending on where they live.
Companies may also charge per square foot. If you own a smaller home, you may find that companies have a minimum charge to come out. This is because the company needs to offset travel, material and set-up costs. Those with larger homes will pay a fixed per square foot price because equipment setup and material requirements.
carpet cleaners near meWhen companies charge by the square foot, Angie’s list members in Orange County California reported average rates for per square foot carpet cleaning run between 30 and 50 cents. This price should include all labor, products and a guarantee about the standard of clean — for example, in compliance with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification guidelines.
In addition to the square foot price cleaning there may be additional legitimate add-ons. If there is pet odor this will need to be treated differently than basic carpet cleaning. If there are specific stains like red wine, ink or coffee, these will need to be treated specially as well. Companies may offer to reapply protection after the carpet is cleaned. Many carpets come with protection. The protective coating comes off over time and with cleanings. It can be reapplies by the carpet cleaning technician. These are all legitimate extra charges.
Hopefully I have given you an idea of how carpet cleaning companies price their jobs and approximately how much to expect. No matter which company you are dealing with, homeowners should always receive a transparent, easily understandable invoice detailing what the cost will be and exactly what the service covers.

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