How to Clean an Area Rug

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How do I completely clean my area rug?Okay I have an 8 by 10 area rug on my hard wood floor that needs to be immaculately cleaned!
I have a three year old and two small dogs so there are stains but my main concern is we got one of our dogs as a pup a couple months ago and it peed all over the carpet so ounce he was potty trained I rented a carpet cleaner which didn’t even work on the stains or the smell, and about a week ago I babysat a friends dog and her 4 five week old puppies for a couple days……well as you can guess my house now smells like pee even with me trying to keep up with them by cleaning the spots with natures miracle and simple solution extreme. Also i don’t want to get rid of the rug if I can save it because it was very expensive and i like it
SO this is what im thinking, Ill take the rug outside and lay it on my tarp, hose it wet than poor tide laundry detergent all over it and scrub it with a cleaning brush than hose it off and hang it on my chain link fence to dry? Does anyone think this will work? Are there any other strong product you would recommend? Or a different way to get it completely clean??? Thanks!

You’ve kind of described what I do to the entry rug in my home once or twice a year. The one we have is about 3′ x 5′, an off white color, and shows stains pretty well. On a bright sunny day I’ll take it out to the concrete driveway, hose it down, and then apply a good coat of Resolve carpet cleaner. Use a handled scrub brush and work it in thoroughly, let it set, scrub it some more and rinse it out well. I just set it on a lawn chair in the driveway because I don’t have a chain link fence, turning frequently. I also do the tan car mats in this manner and it works great, though it is a bit of work and it always takes a lot more effort to rinse until there are no more bubbles than I expect.

Laundry detergent or other cleaning solution would work, though I’d caution against dishwashing liquid because one it’s formulated to clean grease out of cookware and to generate bubbles so might not work as well as other products. I’d still use a carpet cleaner because it has special ingredients for stain and odor removal, and will probably not fade the colors, but laundry soap would also work. Don’t use too much or you’ll spend the rest of the day trying to rinse it out.

It’s not the easiest process, but it always works for me and makes our light colored rug look and smell new.

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Area Rug Cleaning?I have an approx. 4’x6′ long-shag, white area rug that’s in need of a good cleaning. Besides doing it professionally, is there an easy way to clean it at home?

Put it in the driveway. With a garden hose wash it, use some liquid Tide and a broom. Since the rug is white, I’d use some bleach too. Rinse well, let dry outside draped on a fence. I do it all the time and the rugs come out like new.

4 x 6 is small enough to soak in the bathtub. Let it soak with Tide and bleach in the water, drain and rinse well. Hang over the shower curtain rod. Be sure the rod can support the weight and that the rug drips into the tub or you’ll have a flood on the floor.


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