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It’s that time of year – shedding time! If you live with a dog, cat, or other furry friend, you might just dread the warmer months, when pet hair seems to infiltrate every inch of your home. You find it on the floor; on top of, under, and behind furniture; on the bed; on your clothes. And you’d really love to get rid of it, especially if you have family members or friends who are sensitive to, or allergic to, pet dander.

Here are some suggestions from wikiHow for removing pet hair from the various surfaces in your home – and you might not have thought of, or seen, some of these suggestions before. Contributed by readers, below are the novel ideas:

  • Weigh the pet hair down with water. Lightly dampen the palm of your hand, and then wipe the pet hair off of the surface in a downward motion. Voila: the hair will ball up and stick to your hand.
  • Very slightly dampen a clean kitchen sponge, or use a sponge mop if you’re removing pet hair from a low-pile carpet (vacuum first). The fur should roll up into clumps that you can then remove by hand.

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  • Use a latex glove. Put on the glove and then rub the surface that is covered with pet hair. The hair should stick to your glove. This also works with rubber gloves or cloth gardening gloves, if they have a rubber coating on the palm. Dampening the gloves might increase the effectiveness of this method. For floors, try a rubber bristle push broom.
  • Inflate a balloon and then rub it across the surface that has pet hair on it.
  • Use a fabric softener sheet to pick up pet hair. Another suggestion is to lightly spray the surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water to “prep” the area before removing pet hair using any of the other methods.
  • Consider preventive measures. Now here’s a good suggestion! Think first about preventing pet hair from landing where you don’t want it. Place your clothing in an area isolated from your pets, for example, and protect furniture with coverings you can later remove and wash. Brush and groom pets regularly to reduce shedding. Vacuum carpets and furniture on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of pet hair, and wash throw rugs and linens that come in contact with pets.

Martha Stewart offers a few more suggestions:

  • To remove pet hair from carpeting, vacuum several times a week. Purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
  • For hard wood floors and other hard floors, use an electrostatic mop. This type of mop is more efficient than using a vacuum cleaner on your hard floor, because it won’t blow excess hair around.
  • Use a tape roller, available in many supermarkets and pet stores, on your clothing. Stewart offers a handy suggestion to make sure one is always available nearby: loop a ribbon through the handle and hang a roller from the doorknobs inside closets around the house. If you don’t have a tape roller handy, you can always grab some packing tape or another thick tape, wrap it around your hand, and pat down your clothing.
  • For upholstery, use the upholstery tool that came with your vacuum cleaner, or try a hand vacuum with a motorized beater-bar attachment. You can also try using a lint brush.
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Puppies and rugs aren’t always a great combination!

The happiest pet households are those where pets and humans live together in a healthy, clean environment that is comfortable for both parties. By grooming your pets regularly and being prepared with the right tools to remove hair when necessary, you can maintain a healthy environment for everyone in the home. And don’t forget to schedule regular professionalcarpet and upholstery cleaning Newport beach with STEAM MASTER CARPET CLEANING, so that we can handle the heavy work when regular home cleanings don’t do the trick. We’re here to help during shedding season – and every other season of the year!

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