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New Area Rugs Collection

New Area Rugs Collection

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Questions and Answers

What can I use instead of area rugs?I am moving to an apt with all concrete floors and need to put some type of rug in living area. Only problem is that I don’t want my dog to have an accident on the rug. Any suggestions on where to get a type of rug that is washable at home, or maybe an alternative

There are flat woven synthetic sisal rugs that can be taken outside and wash down with soap & water. Often sold as patio rugs. Not much money. There are other type of rugs that can be taken outside and washed. A real nice one is the Hemingway collection. If you can, you can paint a rug design on the concrete.

Who has the best collection of Vintage Moroccan rugs in the NYC area?

Now that is an easy one… Nazmiyal Collection in New York City have one of the best collections of vintage Moroccan rugs: Http://…

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I need to find a certain area rug?I have been looking in stores and the only ones I have found were ones that were really elaborate and I want more of a simple one. What is a good place to find area rugs. I dont want one from online.

Home centers like The Home Depot carry area rugs. As do many furniture stores. Too bad you don’t want to order online, b/c the best place to get area rugs is Home Decorators Collection:

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