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A few legal questions RE: Tenant rights in OC, CA?I live in Orange County California. I have rented the same place for over 20 years. (it will be 21 in July 2011). When I first moved in I paid a security deposit of $500. If I have damaged anything, I have repaired it myself. My landlord has finally decided to do some upgrades on this place. ( the same carpet has been in place for almost 30 years, cleaned by them once. Painting has been done once. And window coverings were replaced 10 years ago.

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That is the extent of their upgrades, I have done the rest)

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I asked if that meant that the rent would be raised, I was told to my face that no it would not. I realize that is not legally binding, but still….she served me a notice this week that my rent is to be raised $200 beginning Feb 1, 2011 ( a mere 21 days from the date of the notice) and in addition to that I have to pay a security deposit of $1,600. This is not a lease renewal, at least not to my knowledge. And I was completely blindsided by this. Please advise me on my rights as far as this goes.Also, twice in one week she has called at 5:00 pm to say that she will be over at 8:00 am the next day. Doesn’t she have to give me a 48 notice before entering the residence unless in the case of an emergency?
I realize that the rent can be raised and that the fact that I have lived here for 20 years is irrelevant to the rent, HOWEVER, I am wondering about the security deposit after having lived here for 20 years.

If you don’t have a lease, you are renting month-to-month and the landlord can raise the rent with appropriate notice. The fact that you’ve rented for 20 years is irrelevant.

I’m remodeling my room to a very white modern bedroom?So my mom told me yesterday that we’re remodeling the house, my room included. Anddd i picked a couple of designs.

i asked my mom, if we could take out my carpet, and put in white marble flooring. She said okay.

I also wondering, where can i get furniture along these lines in the picture? I found some online on ikea but my parents refuse to buy me furniture from ikea or living spaces because they think it is cheap. I live in southern california btw in orange county which is around 30-40 minutes away from LA.  Im looking for a really low white bed frame. Kinda like in the pictures. And also a glass table for my computer like this.

where can i buy one of these?

ALSO. In the next picture i drew an arrow to that cushion thing on the wall. What is tat called? And where can i buy one? I want that behind the headboard of my bed.

For the bedroom choice I like the second one but if you could I would include those closets from the first picture in the second one. I like the modern contemporary and clean lined look you are remodeling your room after if I had the chance to that I would probably choose and go after a similar look because its sophisticated but still has a young vibe to it so its not so mature and old looking. Also for furniture maybe you should ask your parents if they are willing and have the money that is to go to some other well known designer furniture stores such as Ashley Furniture, Crate & Barell, or Pottery Barn just to name a few. If you’re looking for more stores than I suggested here you should google designer furniture stores in Orange County, CA and that should help you a great deal. Also the cushion thingy you drew an arrow to is called a headboard.

I hope this helps. =)

Limits on what is deducted from security deposit?I live in Orange County, CA and I was renting a condo. The deposit was 1600 bucks and they deducted 800 bucks for things I think were ridiculous. Is there a limitation on what they can deduct from your deposit. I mean they took out 250 for carpet replacement, but the carpet had severe stains when we moved in. Also they charged us 180 for blinds, 45 for smoke detector batteries, 30 for a screen window, 175 for interior cleaning, 100 for paint on the stairway. I mean I understand for paint and cleaning, but those prices seem outrageous. Does the smoke detector fall under normal wear and tear? It’s not like we damaged it. They have to replace the batteries normally don’t they? I called and emailed and they said we have to pay for those damages.

If you disagree with the deductions, take the landlord to small claims court.

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