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Questions and Answers

Cleaning tips… .:)?Anybody got any clever cleaning tips or little secrets?
Love Faye x.

Ring around the collar

Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by putting shampoo on them. Rub the shampoo in like you were washing your hair. Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils. A cheap bottle of shampoo kept by the washing machine is handy for all kinds of stains in clothing. Don’t forget this trick when you are traveling.

Cleaning Scuff Marks
Use 3 tbsp. Of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of water to clean scuff marks or crayon marks off walls. TSP can be found in the paint department of a hardware store. Wear gloves and do not use on semi-gloss or gloss paint or wood surfaces.

Removing Blood from Furniture
Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood from clothing or furniture. Rub gently.

Dusting Tip
Use paint brushes to dust cracks and hard to reach places in telephones, stereos, etc.

Make a Schedule
Set aside a regular short period of time each week for the family to straighten up the house. It teaches good habits to the kids and gives the family a project to do together. Everyone will feel better when the job is done, and might just look forward to the day when they know things are going to be neat and organized.

Listen to Books On Tape to Help You Clean
Having trouble finding time to read these days? You can rent great books on tape from the library to listen to while you’re cleaning and doing chores. It helps to pass the time, keeps you working a little longer and lets you catch up on those mysteries you’ve been wanting to read.

Removing Candle Wax from Walls
Candle wax can be removed from walls or other surfaces with an iron and facial tissue. Set the tissue over the wax and gently iron. When the wax seeps through or the tissue begins to brown, apply a new tissue.

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Cleaning Chrome
Club soda or seltzer water will clean chrome.

Removing Blood Stains
Corn starch can remove blood stains. Rinse the stain in cold water, then rub in moistened cornstarch. Place the item in the sun.

Removing Gum
Gum can be removed using ice to harden and a dull knife to remove.

Removing Magic Marker Ink
Hair spray will remove magic-marker ink from surfaces.

Cleaning Window Screens
Nylon covered sponges are great for cleaning window screens.

Removing Smoke Odor
Place a bowl of vinegar out to absorb smoke odor.

Unstick That Door
Car wax applied to a sticking door will ease opening and closing.

Repairing Cigarette Burns in Carpets
Cigarette burns in carpeting can be repaired by cutting the blackened fibers from the hole. Squeeze liquid glue into the hole and fill with fibers trimmed from carpet remnants.

Repairing Small Holes in Window Screens
Clear nail polish will repair small holes in window screens.

Killing Flies
Hair spray will kill flies.

Window Painting Tip
Newspaper strips when wetted can be used around windows when painting, in place of masking tape. Remove strips before they dry out.

Drying Out Wet Magazines or Books
Place paper towels on both sides of a wet page to absorb the moisture and prevent wrinkling.

 Steam Master Carpet Cleaning
Do you have any tips on Steam Master Carpet Cleaning? Good solutions, companies, or anything that will clean very dirty…?Carpet. My kids have ruined my carpet and I cannot afford, new right now.
Any companies or do-it-yourself cleaners that are powerful, and have worked well for you?
Thank you!!!PS. We have new rules about shoes in the house, and eating on the carpet!!

Hire a professional. Ideally you want some who is IICRC Certified. They set all the standards for carpet cleaning.

You also want to use truck-mounted steam extraction. Other methods are NOT recommended by carpet mills.

If the carpet is really trashed you may want to find someone that uses an RX-20. (Rotary extraction)The RX-20 hooks up to the truckmount and has the ability to clean the carpet 4-5 times in one cleaning pass versues a traditional carpet wand which only does one.


DO NOT USE “DO-IT-YOURSELF” carpet cleaners. They actually leave residues that attract dirt, hold it in and wear the fibers out quickly.

Fabric Protection is also recommended for kids.

What is the best steam/carpet cleaner?I dont care about price.You haven’t seen a really bad stained carpet until you come in my attic,lol,so I need something to get up stains and hopefully some of them that have been there for years!

If you’re not fussed about price then you need to hire a true professional. The best way to hire a professional is by using the free tips at the carpet cleaning consumer guide found at Http://www.carpetcleaningconsumerguide.c… It’s a free guide that gives tips on how to hire a quality carpet cleaner.

All the best.

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