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Should I hire a Steam Master Carpet Cleaning or just rent a rug cleaning machine from the hardware store?We have truly horrid carpet. It is matted, stained and loose, with sags like a sharpei puppy. I know that having my carpet cleaned won’t make it look like brand new again, but I wonder if having it done professionally will make any difference over just renting the rug doctor machine at the hardware store. I know it won’t become beautiful like new carpet, but if I felt my carpets were at least clean and sanitary I would feel better about them.

area rug cleaning tips

What is your experience?

If you hire the rug doctor, be prepared for hard work! If you don’t mind that, and have a full afternoon to spare, then go ahead.
You can also hire carpet stretchers like the professionals used. Make sure you have some tacks and a hammer as well to nail it back down to the thin board which runs all around the perimeter of the room. Again it is not easy work, and you’ll probably get back ache, but can be cheaper in the long run than a whole new carpet.
If it is as yuk as you say, it’ll probably need doing over a few weekends to get it to at least just normal dirty looking rather than disgusting dirty looking!
So if you are prepared for hard work, go for it!

Ways to clean and keep my house clean ?
Give me instructions on how to clean and keep my house spotless i am having a huge party and it needs cleaned bad i have 3 bedrooms a kitchen 2 bathrooms living room and a backyard( trampoline tons of toys) and a basement all of it needs cleaned and it needs cleaned now
i also have to clean the computer room tell me products and stratagies to clean it.

First Time is a factor! If this is happening like tomorrow Call a Maid Service. If you have better like a week to 3 weeks. Do not start cleaning until the kids are fed and chained in the basement, No, just put them on the school bus or park them in front of a Tellie in the playroom. Why this approach? The playroom is Chaos Central always the last to clean because it is always turned upside down.
Raised two boys myself, and I’m a Guy!Clean the upstairs clean in this order.Unused or guestrooms first. Your room, the bathroom, the hallway, then the first cleaning of the kids room do an intensive job here. Then the first cleaning of the bathroom, clean the floors, walls, sink, toilet, then the bath. You will re-clean the kids room and the
bathroom, as Chaos dictates they will need it. Sit down and pat yourself on the back.area rug cleaning
You survived the hill climb. Take a deep breath,
make a sammie, watch the soap operas you hate.Then its time to attack the living room. Dust, Vacuum, wipe fingerprints and juice box puddles off the furniture. Clean the carpets with the Rug Doctor if they look like someone played really hard on them. If they are a passable semblance of clean just vacuum and Febreeze the daylights out of the carpet. Otherwise the smell of sweaty T-shirts, kids socks, and the dog and the cat will waft on the room like a barnyard or a locker room..Vacuum the furniture because the frito bandito, chester cheese, Orvil Redinpopper, and the Crack
Monster rule here.Move to the dining room and just do the furniture first then move out the chairs and vacuum and
Febreeze the floors. Clean the kitchen next, do your dishes and put them away. Out of sight is out of mind. Clean and move all portable appliances to the dining room, then clean your counters and cabinets, clean your fridge outside. Replace or put away your portable appliances. Now do the floors,sweep, mop, sweep again then put down a coat of finish on the tile or the wood floor.Now its time for the hardest part, go back and clean the kids room, the playroom, the hallways and the bathroom last. These areas are you’re high traffic areas an areas of demolition, and child de-construction and renovation.Sit down take a breather, remember that guy in the living room is the culprit that started all this mess, give him a hug or kick him out.Go up stairs and mess up your bathtub and beg Calgon to carry you away. You earned it!OH BTW Wipe the noses, butts and wash the laundry when you get some down time. Its all relative.BTWwhose idea was the house party Anyway!!If you have enough time have a nice party!!
 Where can I find a good carpet cleaning service around LA?I live in an apartment in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Los Angeles.

I want to clean the carpet in just one of the rooms.

Should I just rent a Rug Doctor? Are those machines good? Or would it be better to just hire a carpet cleaning service?

Rent a Rug Dr. They work very well. Use the hottest water in it along with the solution. If you have stains pretreat them before cleaning using some of the clean steaming solution. When done cleaning go over the carpet again using 2 cups of white vinegar and hot water. This will remove any soap residue and odors. Pulling up on the handle slightly will put the front of the steamer into the carpet and extract more water.

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