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How to clean portugese arraolos rugs?

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Cleaning A Rug Tips And Tricks?Does anyone have any tips for cleaning and deodorizing a normal full wall to wall rug its light cream colored no stains.

Hire someone to clean it for you or you can rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine. If you choose to clean it yourself the carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly. Then clean the rug with the carpet cleaner and the recommend amount of carpet shampoo. Rinse any soap residue with plain water with the machine. Run fans on the the rug to help with the drying process. Vacuum the next day when the rug is completely dry.

Need cleaning tips for stainless steel appliances and an oriental rug?Okay, so that’s 2 questions in one. Don’t hold it against me. Instead, please suggest a cleaner (or a home-made recipe/solution) for cleaning and shining stainless steel small appliances (coffee maker, panini maker, barmen’s toolset, and some others) and for how to get set-in stains out of a small oriental rug. Don’t know the composition of the stains; they’ve been there for awhile.

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They are on a white-ish background. Thanks!

No idea about the rug, but a company called simple human makes a cloth that you can use with just water to shine up/clean all your stainless steel appliances. There aren’t any chemicals involved! You can also use a small bit of olive oil to a cloth and use that to clean and shine them, then wipe with a clean dry cloth. Weird, but it works.I have a small steam cleaner for my rugs that works pretty well. I’d try one of the oxy type cleaners.

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Scrubber to Applie Chemicals (Now with CC)

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