Steam Master. Carpet Saver. Family Proctector.

Now, before you burn your carpet and move into a tree house, we’d like to tell you how you can save your carpet, as well as your loved ones, from the bugs and bacteria that threaten both.

How? With our unique, three-step cleaning process that is unlike any other you’ll find. (Pardon us while we toot our own horn)

area rug cleanAnd why is our process so great? (Get ready for a lot of horn-tooting) Well, like our name implies, we are steamers. Which means that unlike shampoo cleaners or dry cleaners (Bonnett Cleaners), we utilize a high pressure steam cleaning process that loosens all the dirt, grime and assorted filth that can damage your carpets. In simple terms, our equipment sucks and blows your carpet until all the foreign matter is lifted away. And because our trained technicians utilize self-contained hoses, there is no need for bulky, obtrusive equipment cluttering up your apartment or home. In fact, we clean offices located on the 11th and 12th floors of an office building without ever having to lug equipment up elevators and stairs. Pretty nifty, huh? But here’s the really neat part. When we steam clean your carpets, we utilize a natural anti-microbial enzyme that eats up all types of unhealthy bacteria. In essence, we fight fire with fire. And because we don’t rely on outside suppliers for our cleaning chemicals and agents, our hand-picked supply of cleansers assures our customers the finest level of quality control anywhere.

If you want to change what you just learned about your carpets, feel free to call us now for a free quote and start living healthier. 949-645-1313

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