Steam Master Uncovers the Shocking Truth

What you’re about to read is true. No names or incidents have been changed to protect the innocent. That’s because if your carpet is not properly cleaned and maintained, it may actually be guilty of presenting a health hazard. That means that every time you and your loved ones come in contact with your carpet, you both run the risk of disease and infestation. Every time someone walks barefoot through the house, he or she could step in a nest of cockroach eggs. Every time your children play with their toys on the floor, they may also be playing with a variety of mites, ticks and lice. No fun. Every time somebody has a cold or a virus your carpet picks up that sickness and saves it for someone else. At no charge.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that a recent study found that %80 of homes examined contained more unsanitary conditions inside than outside. And, yes, these findings clearly indicate that neglected carpeting shared much of the blame.

Steam Master Carpet Cleaning

So how does Steam Master Carpet Cleaning know so much about carpets and biology? Well, with two generations and 34 years of experience cleaning carpets, we learned a long time ago that spills and stains are just the beginning.

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