Useful Facts for Carpet Owners

The word “carpet” originated from the Latin word “carpere”. The literal meaning of this is to pluck. In the olden times,
they used this term to denote its appearance since the carpet looks like it was made of pulled out fabric.

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Carpets aren’t only beautiful but they can also be functional in many ways. That is why nowadays, it is a rarity to find a home or an office without carpeting no matter how small. However, despite how pleasing the patterns and colors are, no one can appreciate a dirty carpet. Microbiologists did a study on the air that comes out of a working vacuum cleaner used to clean carpets. It ranks fifth in the list of dirtiest places in the home. The list also includes washing machines, sponges for cleaning dishes, kitchen rubbish bins and bathroom toilets. So, For removing all these cleaning problem you can buy carpet cleaners at Steam Master Carpet Cleaning

Everyone has heard about the five-second rule. It basically states that if food is dropped, they are still free of germs
if removed from the carpet or floor within five seconds. However, microbial adhesion happens in a flash. In addition,
bacteria can live for more than four weeks on carpets. Several types easily latch on to food. These are: Salmonella
enteritis, Campylobacter and Salmonella typhimurium. Diarrhea and vomiting are symptoms of persons who have
ingested contaminated food. That is why carpet cleaning is crucial.

Another interesting fact is that, bed bugs don’t only crawl in beds. Despite the name, they are not limited to our
mattresses. Your carpet and wooden floors are ideal homes for them as well. These small creatures are extremely
fast. They can travel over 100 feet when they smell the blood of their hosts. Most of them feed at night. That is why
we don’t notice the bites, even if the bugs take about three minutes to complete a feed.

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Humans also contribute to the muck that gets stuck in carpets. Each person sheds approximately 1.5 million skin
flakes hourly. Most of this discarded matter settles in the fiber. In North America alone, scientists have confirmed that there is over 43 million tons of dust every year. The air inside homes and buildings often contains twice as much dust compared to outside air. To give you an idea, in one cubic inch of air there are one million particles. In an ounce of carpet dust, around 2,000 dust mites breed.

If there’s a choice between carpeted walls or carpeted floors, choose the latter. Wall carpeting retains more dirt. What gets in them usually remain permanent. For example, moisture, crumbs, and other liquids provide a good supply of food for molds, yeast, and bacteria. Since wall carpets are harder to clean, there’s more room for harmful organisms
to flourish.

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